Sajidah Begum D/O Mohd Shah

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol East Blk 123A (CC)

Sajidah Begum D/O Mohd Shah
31 Jul 2019

Launch party @ PCF PE123A

The parents of Toddler, Nursey 1 and Nursey 2 came to join the launch party in May. 

This year our centre is doing a project on family bonding and parents involvement. The project is from Toddler till Nursery 2. 

For our launch party, parents came down for 2 hours to do baking, art and played games with their child. End of the day the parents had lunch together with their child.  

The first activity was art . We got a parent volunteer to do an art activity on sea creatures using watercolor and oil pastel. Both the child and parents worked together to complete the artwork.

The second activity was playing games outdoor together as a family. They played a game where a balloon was tied to their legs and they have to burst other families balloon.

The third activity was baking honey cornflakes. A parent volunteer together with the principal conducted the activity for the families. Once they baked their honey cornflakes, the children bough t it back home.

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