Brigaste Regine Marie Todoc

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Toa Payoh Central Blk 157 (KN)

Brigaste Regine Marie Todoc
1 Aug 2019

Launch Party

“The Giving Box for the Blocks is an adopt-a-block programme for this year’s Start Small Dream Big project. The K2 children, with the help of their parents, will extend support for families in need, situated in neighbouring blocks. This will be done through some fund-raising activities whereby proceeds will be used to purchase goods that will be distributed to a number of families at the end of Term 2 and Term 3. We hope to let our children bring light and love to our community, as a way of celebrating Singapore Bicentennial. We are not only to extend help to our neighbors but we wish to foster positive relationships amongst families. Through this project, we will also be good stewards of environment, as we help children learn reusing and recycling. Moreover, this project will benefit the giver and receiver, as we have prepared activities everyone will surely enjoy.

The launch party started with a short talk about previous SSDB projects of our centre, followed by some fun activities such a photo booth, kindness box making and snacks everybody enjoyed! The K2 children also had a chance to perform a song called “Happiness is Something If You Give it Away”

“Happiness is something if you give it away, you give it away, you give it away. Happiness is something if you give it away, then it comes right back to you. Oh it ‘s just like a magic penny. Hold on tight and you won ‘t get any. Lend it, share it, give it away, then it comes right back to you.”

More fun, learning-filled activities are coming our way. Spread love and kindness! Always remember: sharing and caring ❤️😊

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