Arianne Nokom

Sunflower Kiddy Star Preschool

Arianne Nokom
11 Apr 2018

Launch of SSDB with Fashion Show

This year our children will continue with our mission on saving the earth. We embarked on a new project through our SSDB 2018 theme: “Collect to Protect: The FUN-tastic Plastic Project” focusing on plastic bags. Plastic is one material that persist in the environment and can never really disappear from the world. Improper Disposal of plastic wastes will harm the environment especially the marine. Our mission is to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic bags.

With this new mission in our hearts, we aim to send message about the bad effects of improper plastic bags disposal and the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling them. We launched this year SSDB project on 4th April with few FUN-tastic activities to have fun and inspire the children to fulfil their mission.

Fashion Show

We involved parents to design costumes for their children using recycled plastic bags. Children wore their handmade plastic costumes and walked the runaway to showcase their costumes. Our parents really have ingenious ideas and we were amazed by their creative designs of the various plastic costumes created. The fashion show made the children experience and appreciate the beauty of recycling.

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