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15 Jul 2017

Launch of SSDB on Parents' Day

SSDB was launched and introduced to the parents during our Parents’ Day celebration on 9th Jun. There are about 160 participants. The children expressed their love and appreciation to their parents and grandparents through performances. Even the toddlers are not left out as values need to be inculcated from young. Children presented a handmade flower and a gift to their parents and it was indeed a touching moments for all

SSDB project was introduced to the parents and children through a dramatization put up by the 4 mascots representing START, SMALL, DREAM and BIG. The purpose of the event were announced. The Theme for our project is “Give a Little Heart”. Parents and children are supportive and excited about the upcoming activities ahead as they penned their thots on a piece of paper heart and posted on a Heart shaped Poster! Every small loving heart will play its part and form a Big Giving Heart!

Introducing Our Four SSDB mascots!

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