Ismawati binte Selamat

YWCA Bukit Gombak CDC

Ismawati binte Selamat
15 May 2019

Launch of SSDB 2019 - Charity Garden

On 16 April 2019, children unpacked the SSDB package and explored the resources that were given. We discussed about different ways we can help people and the environment.

The children were informed that for this year’s SSDB project, we will be collaborating with the RC. The RC has given us a plot of land in the garden and the children will be planting vegetables which will then be delivered to an elderly home.

Children recorded in their journal the project that they will be embarking on for this year’s SSDBa.

On 17th April, children went to the garden to launch the SSDB project. They then went into the garden to clear the previous harvest and plough the soil. Auntie Wong, the cook, facilitate the children in clear the plot and ploughing the soil. The children were excited as this was their first time doing gardening.

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