Brenda Chua

Learning Vision @ Fusionopolis

Brenda Chua
31 Aug 2017

Last Visit to NTUC Silver Circle Day Care Centre for the Elderly

It is our last visit to the day care centre for this project and we have invited parents to join us for this trip to present the collected dried food rations to the elderly and interact with them.

For this visit, we performed the National Day theme song “Because it’s Singapore!” together with all the elderly to reinforce our message on “active aging”! The steps were modified to cater to the mobility of the elderly and segmented to encourage the elderly to gain familiarity before doing the steps along with the music.

The children also performed to English and Chinese songs for the elderly to clap and move along with them. After the performances, the children presented goodie bags to every elderly and gave them a hug.

An art piece was also presented to the elderly on behalf of Learning Vision @ Fusionopolis (Solaris) to express our appreciation to NTUC Silver Circle Day Care Centre for the elderly for accomodating our visits!

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