Karimah Binte Mahmot

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bishan North Blk 257 (CC)

Karimah Binte Mahmot
2 May

Kindness Starts With Me (SSDB Launch & Earth Day Celebrations) Part 1

On 26th April, our centre launched our SSDB project and we also had our Earth Day celebrations. We had decided to combine both events because this year’s Earth Day theme (Protect Our Species) compliments our project focus (Kindness Towards Animals).

Look who came to celebrate with us! It’s Captain Green and Queen Safari to empower us with some timely reminders!

We kicked off the event with Term 2 project showcase. Children had been working with their parents at home and teachers in school to create things from recyclables. They also revealed the species of endangered animals that their class would like to focus on the project. Teachers had discussed it with the children before the launch.

TT children made masks, robot, accesories and vehicles. Their animal of focus for SSDB is elephants of asia.

N1 children made animals, vehicles, masks, fan and a dream catcher. They are interested to learn more about the ferocious tiger for SSDB.

N2 children made houses, shaker, giraffes, caterpillar and a bouquet of flowers. They will be learning about the giraffes in africa and sumatran orangutan.

K1 children made dresses, frames, house, rockets, masks and animals. They will be learning about the adorable pandas of China.

K2 children made accessories, vehicles, clothes, robots and more. They will be exploring about the snow leopard and sea otters.

Our principal, Ms Ruth addressed the parents and thanked them for their continuous support.

Teachers had prepared information walls, games and activities related to the animals that the children were interested in. However, due to the unforeseen drastic change in the weather, the event had to be paused and continued in the afternoon.

The population of elephants are fast declining due to poaching of their body parts.

Elephant Puzzle Game

Tigers are hunted in the wild.

Ring Toss Game

Loss of natural habitat is one of the reasons for the falling numbers of giraffes in Africa.

Giraffe Craft

Pandas live in cool climate regions.

Panda Puzzle Game

N2-K2 children gathered again in the afternoon for another round of activities.

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