Ko Mee Yoon

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yew Tee Blk 690d (kn)

Ko Mee Yoon
12 May 2017

Kindness Around Us

Kindness IS around us! Our preschool conducted a Kindness campaign in March as part of our SSDB project. Various fun and meaningful activities were conducted for students and their families to promote kindness.

One of the activities conducted during the campaign was KINDerlympics. Parents were invited to join this sports event with their children. The objective of KINDerlympics was to promote cooperation, care and empathy for people with disabilities. Each child was paired with his/her parent to play relay games against others in the same level. Children were bounded to their parents to experience the disabilities of handicaps in relays like the 3-legged race, hula hoop pass and a game that involved holding a ball without using hands.

It was interesting to see parents and children passing the hula hoop with their hands linked. Friendships were built and strengthened as everyone showed cooperation when adults worked together and helped each other’s children!

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