Nur Hidayah Bte Muzakar

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 775 (KN)

Nur Hidayah Bte Muzakar
3 Jun

Keep Clean, Singapore 2019! 31 May 2019

Singapore is often lauded for our clean and green environment. A truly clean Singapore is only possible when everyone takes ownership of the cleanliness of our shared spaces. This year, Public Hygience Council wants to amplify the value of taking personal responsibility to keep our shared spaces clean.

As our school is within close vicinity to Bedok Reservoir Park, we incorporate Keep Singapore Clean campaign with our Termly Walk to the Park activity.

The children and parents worked together to pick up litters outside the school compound and along the way to Bedok Reservoir Park.

The litter is sorted into recyclable and general waste. During the debrief session, we reiterate the importance of our roles in keeping our environment clean by ‘Taking personal responsibility to keep our shared spaces clean’

We support a clean Singapore with actions!

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