Betsy Yee (Mrs)

Jurong Christian Church Kindergarten

Betsy Yee (Mrs)
14 Sep 2019


Our kindergarten is the heartland of Jurong. The township is one of the oldest residential community in Singapore. This estate is cherished by many older generation, while most of younger generation have spent their childhoods in HDB flats, playgrounds and other facilities that are common in a typical new town.

It is still important to preserve our heritage, unique culture and identity, which is diluting every minute. Without history and identity, the community is as good as soulless, even if it has lavished appearances. The peacefulness and convenience of amenity with good infrastructure, such as old food court, wet market, good transport services, neighborhood police post, hospital, and community gardens are not to be taken for granted.

Young children are part of their community and have a stake in developing good social skills. It gives our children a chance to play and involve in the community they live in.

Our children wanted to know the roles in which the community helpers play. In many ways, community helpers reminded us of how inter-connected our lives were. The children wanted to show respect for all professions and learned to value them better. They wanted to identify the community helpers within the estate and to invite them to share their roles and challenges. Another suggestion that was raised during the discussion was to visit their workplaces to get to know them better. That has inspired the title of our SSDB Project: Appreciating Community Helpers.


Our livestream party took place on Friday, 26th April 2019 at 9:30am on the actual launch day. Children from the N2 to K2 level, together with their teachers, were involved.

The K2 children put up a skit on how they can do their part in lightening the cleaner’s workload by returning their used utensils and food trays to the return tray shelf.

Children re-enacted what they saw at the food court, when people walked off leaving behind their used plates and utensils on the table, the cleaners will need to work tirelessly to clean and clear the dirty plates and utensils after them.

The children said and demonstrated that they can help by returning their used plates and utensils to the return shelf after they have finished their food. Children shared that they can also help to remind their friends and family members to do their parts. One child responded that in her home she can put her used bowl into the basin or help to clean the table to lighten her domestic helper’s load.

Some K1 children dressed up in their favourite community helper’s roles. For the grand finale, all the children sang out their hearts to the song “It is I who build the community”. It was so appropriate for the theme.

We were heartened that during the launch more than 67 parents kept tags of the live virtual streaming that Littlelives had helped to host.

“We love the community helpers. They are our superheroes.”

♪ It’s I, it’s I, it’s I who help to build community. ♪

♪ la… Roll over the ocean, roll over the sea, go and do your part to build community. ♪

♪It’s us, it’s us, it’s us who build community. Go and do your part to build community. ♪

Stay tuned for story on phase 2

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