Courtney Pinter


Courtney Pinter
25 Jun

Harmoni Preskool Saves the Sea!

In preparation for our upcoming Beach Clean-Up Day, our Nursery 2 students participated in an interactive lesson about the dangers of pollution. 

 We started our lesson by comparing two pictures. One picture was of a sparkly, clean ocean, and the other was of an ocean filled with plastic and litter. We discussed how our marine friends feel when their home is polluted.  

Next, we listened to an interactive story about a fish named Freddie. 

Freddie went out to explore the sea, but soon fell ill due to different pollutants in his water. We discussed how we could help fish like Freddie, and our students came up with a great idea: Pick up litter! 

We invited the Kindergartners to join us, and we set off around our neighbourhood to collect any rubbish we could find. All of our students were eager to help and enjoyed playing a part in cleaning up our community! We are excited to continue our project on 27 June, as we embark on a journey to East Coast Park to help clean-up the beach!

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