Courtney Pinter


Courtney Pinter
24 Aug 2019

Harmoni Preskool’s Little Growers!

It has been an exciting couple of months at Harmoni Preskool, as we have been learning all about PLANTS. We started gaining familiarity with plants through sensory play, nature walks and exploration! 

We learned that plants are alive, just like us, and we have many things in common with plants! 

For example, plants start small, as a seed! Then, they grow big, just like us! 

We explored how plants need water to grow by doing an experiment with different coloured water. 

We loved learning why it is important to keep plants healthy, and HOW to keep plants healthy.  

Next, it was time to apply our knowledge and create our very own garden! We collected recyclable materials and were ready to begin! We used egg cartons as seed starters and then transferred them to water bottles. 

 Every week, we checked on our plants progress to ensure that they were staying happy and healthy. One day, we were in for a surprise, as we saw our tomatoes starting to turn red! 

After much anticipation, we were ready for our harvesting day. We went out into our garden and picked our yummy vegetables.

 Now, there’s only one thing left to do.. EAT. :) 

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