Mrs Agnes Ong

Clementi Woods Kindergarten

Mrs Agnes Ong
23 Aug 2018

Giving with Love - SSDB 2018

The focus of our school’s Character Building curriculum for our K2 students is on ‘Giving’.

To inculcate the good values of ‘Giving’, our teachers have chosen topics on Handicapped - People Different from Us and Orphans - Children without Parents. Our K2 students discussed and talked about physical disabilities and children who have no family, no safety and instability during their lessons. They shared their feelings and thoughts in their discussions too.

We continue our journey of ‘Giving’ by participating in this year’s President’s Challenge initiative ‘Start Small Dream Big’ (SSDB).

Through SSDB, we hope to raise awareness among our students that they can play a part in making a difference in other people’s life regardless of their young age. As such, our K2 students organised a Charity Fair on 1 August 2018 to raise funds for all the beneficiaries of the President’s Challenge 2018. LAUNCH PARTY

We had our launch party on the 27th April 2018. In addition to the explanation of SSDB project by our teachers, our students watched the SSDB 2018 video, wrote & decorated on their pledge card and listened to the SSDB Launch Speech by our principal. INVITATION CARDS

All our K2 students designed and handmade invitation cards for the Charity Fair. Invitation cards were distributed to all other levels (N1, N2 & K1) students to support the project by contributing funds to purchase items sold by the K2 students during the Charity Fair. GETTING READY FOR THE CHARITY FAIR

Banner writing - to be put up during Charity Fair

Our K2 students made or contributed items in the form of handmade crafts, preowned books, stationery or toys in good condition, unused gift items, etc. All staff and teachers participated in the event by making, baking or contributing items for sale at the Charity Fair. 


The day has come … Our special agents in action during the Charity Fair. We were all impressed by their selling skills!!

Many of our parents came to support this special and meaningful event by the K2 students and teachers. 

Through all generous GIVING, we raised more than $3,000 for the beneficiaries of the President’s Challenge 2018.

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