Brenda Chua

Learning Vision @ Fusionopolis

Brenda Chua
31 Aug 2017

Fundraising Event

Our fundraising event drew large crowd from the members of the public!

Different booths were set up to place art works completed by the children. We had parent volunteers to assist us in manning the booths for the different craftworks. Members of the public queued up to pass their dried food rations to our teachers and parent volunteers before proceeding to our tricycle area. In the tricycle area, they get to choose an artwork by the children and a pack of cookies baked by our Toddlers and parent volunteers!

Through this fundraising event, we managed to raise several dried food rations specially for the elderly in the day care centre!

Kudos to the team of children, parents, teachers, elderly and members of the public in playing different roles to contribute to our fundraising event!

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