Arianne Nokom

Sunflower Kiddy Star Preschool

Arianne Nokom
28 Aug 2018

Fund Raising for President's Challenge

On 3rd August 2018, Sunflower Kiddy Star celebrated Singapore’s 53rd Birthday with a fund-raising carnival. Our special agents seized this opportunity to promote their advocacy on saving earth from the harmful effects of plastic bags. The programme kicked off with a marching contingent by N2, K1 and K2 children wearing costumes made of plastic bags. Other activities were singing of National Day theme song, Singapore national anthem, sports relay and game booths. One of the highlights of the event was the showcase of the children handmade plastic bags crafts in the SSDB Booth. The children took pride to man the booth and parents got the chance to pick and bring one plastic bags craft home. Children with their parents also dressed up a Singapore Flag with the caption “We Are Singapore” using red and white plastic scraps. The artwork represents all the efforts of children, parents and teachers contribution towards building a more caring and inclusive society. 

Marching Contingent

SSDB Booth

Other Carnival Activities

The carnival didn’t just give the children a chance to bond with their parents but more importantly, it served its purpose of giving back to the community by spreading our message of saving the earth from plastic bags and raising funds for the less fortunate under the President’s Challenge.

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