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PCS Yishun Childcare
5 Aug 2017

Food Donation Drive

Thanks to the parents from Infant care, Childcare, Student care and all staff for the generous contribution of food items. The food items collected are send to Ministry of Babies to be distributed to families

Everyone can play a part to make the world a more beautiful place to live in!

Book discussion on what Food Donation Drive is all about and how it helps the less privilege families.

Generous donation by all parents from Infant to student care classes. Thank you parents!

Children are busily engaged in sorting, packing, carrying and loading the provisions to be delivered to Ministry of Babies for distribution to families in need!

So proud of the children’s enthusiasm and willingness to help others. Awesome children !

The Staff of Presbyterian Community Centre (PCS) Yishun Centre are so glad to participate in this year SSDB 2017 project. We have inculcate and plant the seeds of Love and Generosity in the children, the

spirit of Giving in the care of our wonderful and beautiful environment, Care and love for their parents and families. Spread and experience the Joy and Happiness in helping the less fortunate.

It was indeed a meaningful and heartwarming event!

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