Varrey Neeraja Rao

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Whampoa Blk 112 (kn)

Varrey Neeraja Rao
29 Aug 2017

Exotic Plants

The learning journey of K2A children started with a neighbourhood walk around the vicinity. Children were disappointed that there were no carnivorous plants around the neighbourhood . This led them to think, study and do research and discover about carnivorous plants. They learnt about different carnivorous plants like Pitcher lands, Venus fly trap and Sundew. Children discovered how these plants trap the insects and the way they live.

These plants were brought into children’s classroom for hands on experience. During the observation of the carnivorous plants children discovered that the Venus fly trap took nine days to reopen  the trap to catch flies. Their study did not stop here, they went onto learn about the largest bloom (which is the Rafflesia) and about desert plants (cactus) that caught their attention and interest.

Children observed the leaves of Peepal tree. They discovered veins on the leaves and later used them to do creative art work. Go green materials like pebbles, leaves, twigs, seeds etc., were used by the children to learn numeracy concepts and literacy skills.

The story books of ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and ‘The Tale of The Magical Seeds’ inspired them very much. Children understood how important it is to have trees and have a green environment. As a follow up they decided to have a planting activity for the show case of their learning journey.

Activities were done through out their learning journey in order to develop their language, numeracy and motor skills. Cooperation, a love for learning and discovery were observed while the children were working in groups. 

Children demonstrated their creativity by creating 2D and 3D models of flowers like Rafflesia, Dandelions, Lavenders and Roses and plants like picture plants and cacti using paper, ribbons, play dough and pebbles.

Parents were also invited to support children’s learning in the class. For example parents did flower arrangement, bookmarks and one stroke painting with children.

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