Ho Ren Hao Daniel

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 330 (kn)

Ho Ren Hao Daniel
26 Aug 2018

Earth Day - Launch of Start Small Dream Big Project

Our Start Small Dream Big Project this year focuses on the importance of Saving the Earth. In April, we launched the project by celebrating Earth Day and even invited families to join us in celebrating the event. Many families came down to show their support. They joined in the mass dance, had picnics with the children and were also involved in creating 3D house models (using recycled materials) competition!

We started off the event by having a mass dance and singing along to Saving the Earth songs. The teachers also put up a skit in reminding us not to litter the ocean.

We then have a picnic together to appreciate the fresh air and the greenery of the park/environment together.

We then had a walk about the centre to look at the exhibit displayed and voted for the best 3D house model done by the children with their mummy and daddy. The children and parents were so amazed at how we can create new things that look so beautiful just by re-using old materials!

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