Bright Juniors @ Yishun

24 Apr

Earth Day Celebration 2019 @ Bright Juniors Yishun

Earth Day has grown into a global celebration that aims to educate people about environmental issues as well as to raise awareness of what can be done to conserve the earth. This year, April 22nd marks the 45th annual celebration of Earth Day. Involving children of different age groups in Bright Juniors @ Yishun, here are a few ways we celebrated Earth Day.

Firstly, the children in the Nursery class worked together in teams to colour an Earth template. While the children discussed with one another how to go about the colouring process and let their creative juices flow, the teacher seized the opportunity to engage the children in a conversation about Earth Day. Additionally, the children in the Nursery class also observed what is practiced during Earth Hour as the lights in the classroom were switched off and the children gained a better understanding of the conservation of energy.

As for the children in the Kindergarten 1 class, the Earth Day celebrations began with the children constructing their own ‘The World Is In Our Hands’ signboard. Following that, the children sorted the different recyclables in the school’s Recycling Corner before heading out as a class to a nearby recycling bin to deposit the recyclables collected. Aside from that, the children in the Kindergarten 1 class also went out to the neighbourhood to speak with different community members to spread the awareness of saving the Earth and its resources. To end off the Earth Day celebrations, the children also practiced saving water in their daily lives by using a mug of water to rinse their mouth after brushing their teeth.

Lastly, for the children in the Kindergarten 2 class, the Earth Day celebrations began with them forming their own collage of the Earth and drawing their pledges on how they can save the Earth. Afterwhich, the children in the Kindergarten 2 class also got together to brainstorm 10 different ways in which they can help to save the Earth and its resources in their daily lives. We had an eventful Earth Day and we hope it will be a better world for more generations to come.

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