Domingo Angela Castro

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang Blk 503C (EY)

Domingo Angela Castro
23 Aug 2019

Dengue Prevention with the Community

This year for our SSDB project, our N1 and N2 children chose to create awareness on dengue prevention. This project was aimed at providing children the opportunities to learn about mosquito and how we can do our part to stop mosquitoes from breeding.

We invited a spokesperson from NEA (National Environment Agency) to conduct a talk for the children to share with them on dengue prevention. The children were also given a checklist to do together with their parents to check for mosquitoes in the house.

Together with the parents, our children went for a neighbourhood walk to share the awareness on dengue prevention with the community. They gave out questions with regards to dengue prevention to the residents. Brochures and pouches were also given out to the residents as we share information on how to prevent mosquito breeding in our home.

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