Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus
20 Aug 2019

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @ Pasir Ris Elias Mall - Event: “Total Defence Day” on 15 February 2019 (Friday)

Total Defence Day is marked annually on February 15 in Singapore to commemorate the anniversary of the surrender of the British to the Japanese on February 15, 1942, precursory 3 years and 8 months (44 months) of Japanese Occupation.

In Total Defence, our people are organised to defend the country against all forms of attack, both military and non-military. The concept of Total Defence, which remains at the centre of Singapore’s defence planning today, was introduced in 1984. It was designed to integrate all segments of Singapore society into a united front for the defence of the country by expanding public understanding of national defence beyond military defence.

The objectives are:

  1. Learn how the 5 pillars of Total Defence (TD) contribute to building a strong, safe and cohesive nation in these times of troubled peace.

  2. Reflect on our past and appreciate the efforts of various National Service (NS) institutions and our National Servicemen defending our nation.

  3. Instil in students the confidence to play their part in times of crisis.

The 5 pillars of Total Defence:

  • Military Defence - “Keeping Singapore secure”;

  • Civil Defence - “Taking care of our family, friends, and people around us in times of crisis”

  • Economic Defence - “Having a strong and resilient economy”;

  • Social Defence - “Living harmoniously and looking out for one another”; and

  • Psychological Defence - “Being a resilient people” .

Sharing about five (5) pillars of Total Defence with examples.

Parent volunteer was invited to share about her job as a nurse; what inspired her to be a nurse; and how did she help people in needs and others.

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