Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus
20 Aug 2019

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @ Pasir Ris Elias Mall <br/>Start Small Dream Big 2019 – Event: K2 Children visit to Meridian Primary School

We have been collaborating with Meridian Primary School for our K2 children to visit Meridian Primary School as one of annual education tours. It is also part of our K2 curriculum for our K2 children to familiarize with the primary school setting.

A guided school tour and associated activities were conducted by the teachers and the students of Meridian Primary School during the visit.

Associated activities included:

i)  a sharing session, which was conducted by the Teacher (Primary One), about routine and activities in primary school; and

ii)  games and gross motor skills activities, making “animals” with play dough together with Primary One students of the School; and

iii)  buying the food of their choices at school’s canteen.

Through the guided tour and associated activities, our K2 children got the opportunities to observe the facilities of the school; interact with Primary One students and have better understanding about the life of primary school.

“Our arrival in Meridian Primary School.”

“Hi! We are so happy to visit the Primary School!”

“Let’s have a ‘High-5’ with the Security Uncle of the school!”

An Interactive Sharing session conducted by the teachers (Primary One) of Meridian Primary School.

Interesting Games and Gross Motor Skills Activities!

An Interactive Sharing session conducted by the teachers (Primary One) of Meridian Primary School.

“We enjoyed our outdoor games during the visit!”

“Wow! Hopscotch game, we all like it!”

“We all like playdough too!”

“Let’s look at what we have made with playdough!”

“We are asked to complete the reflection sheet by stating which traditional games that we like!”

“Hi! Let me tell you what are the foods that you can buy in this canteen.”

“Wait! Let me take out my money first!”

“Wait! Let me count first!”.

“I like to eat noodles!”.

“We all enjoy eating the food of our choice!”.

“Hi! Children, how’s everything? Do you all enjoy the visit?”

“Let’s have another ‘High-5’ with the Security Uncles of the school once again!”

Let’s have a group photograph together before heading back to our school!”

Let’s have another group photograph together!”.

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