Vivian Lui

Learning Vision @ Paya Lebar

Vivian Lui
30 Jun

SSDB 2019:Celebrating our Heritage: The GOOD OLD Days are BACK again!

The GOOD OLD Days were days in which it was alright to get dirty and messy and kids played with almost anything, e.g household items known as “masak masak”. Those were the days that the “Kampong Spirit” filled the air in our neighborhood - everyone knew almost everyone.

Gone are NOT the good old days!

Here at Learning Vision @ CET ( Paya Lebar), teachers and children are embarking on an exciting journey to discover more of the GOOD OLD DAYS!

And the launch begins… 🎬

📻 🎵 To bring back the good old memories, we play old tIme favourites as we welcome parents and children into the school compound. It definitely brings a smile to everyone’s faces, especially the parents! 🎶

💿 Memories, Memories in the air… 📀

Everyone ROCK the day with good old fashion sense! 🎉

“Memoirs of YesterYear”… Did they bring back any fond memories of your childhood?

These items ignite the kindergarteners’ curiosity and we have some really interesting conversations.

Something old or new? ☎️ 📺 ⏰

Old school games! So often, the simplest pleasures create the best memories! 🎞


What’s a better way to end the launch but with old school snacks! No fanciful packaging… just like the olden days.

📣 It’s NOW official! We are ever more ready to embrace the GOOD OLD DAYS - celebrating “Creativity, Community and Collaboration!

Stay tune for more updates! 📺 🔜

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