Brenda Chua

Learning Vision @ Fusionopolis

Brenda Chua
20 Apr 2018

Caring for the elderly

In the following session, the children gathered more information about the elderly and explored how they can fare for the elderly. Drawing on their observations and information during the initial phase, the children brainstormed and identified the needs of the elderly - healthy eating and active aging.

Through discussions, K1 children identified active aging as an essential for the elderly. They named doing exercises as one of the important elements in active aging. They suggested different exercises that may be suitable for the elderly such as yoga, jogging and swimming.

N2 children shared different ways they can care for the elderly such as holding their hands when walking from place to another, supporting them when sitting down or standing up and serving them food first before eating, and serving them food which are soft and healthy.

In this phase, the children had identified different ways to care for the elderly based on their needs. As part of their learning journey to care for the elderly, they would be visiting “NTUC Silver Circle Day Centre for the elderly” on different occasions to interact and do activities with the elderly.

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