Teacher Raidah

Little Footprints Preschool (Yishun388)

Teacher Raidah
24 Aug 2017

Caring for our elderly @ Sree Narayana Mission Home!

Finally, it was the 1st of August! The children have been looking forward for this moment as they made their way to Sree Narayana Mission Home to entertain and spend some time with the elderly. The children were just in time to join the elderly for their morning exercise as soon as they reached there. After the warming up session, the children showcased their talent by performing an English, followed by a Chinese dance, hoping to create smiles on their faces. It was definitely entertaining for both the children and the elderly. The children also got to shake hands and interact with the elderly before giving them some handmade souvenirs that they have done in school with the teachers. Parents from the school have also played their part by contributing some neccessities to the home. This event had given the children a meaningful experience as they learnt to love and care for the community especially to the elderly. Looking forward to more community involvement projects!! ❤❤❤

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