Cambridge CDC @ Dairy Farm

Cambridge CDC @ Dairy Farm

Cambridge CDC @ Dairy Farm
14 May 2019

Cambridge @ Dairy Farm SSDB Launch Party 2019~ [Marine Explorers]

We are excited to launch our Start Small Dream Big Party together with our children, parents and staffs in Cambridge @ Dairy Farm.

Our theme for SSDB Project will be focusing on “Marine Conservation” based on the children’s learning interest and curosity raised related to the topic.

Parents and children are encouraged and invited to write a sentence of their prior knowledge on what is marine conservation and how they can do their part on a heart shaped paper and pasting it on our thinking board.

We kickstart our SSDB launch party with a storyline of having everyone being ”Marine Explorers” with an aim to accomplish different missions together as a team, in order to help Nemo and its friends ! 

Together with parents and teachers, the children went on different stations to accomplish various tasks.

Station A: The marine explorers helped Nemo to clear the litters from the sea by tossing the cans off the tray with a beam bag.

Station B : Marine explorers helped Nemo and its friends to move to a cleaner home to live in by taking turns with their team mates to work with a partner. Both have to balance the ball on the tray and toss it into the wading pool on the other end within a short amount of time.

Station C:  The Marine Explorers rescued Nemo by “catching the fishermen” on the boats by tossing the donut rings onto the bottles representing boats of the fishermen.

Station D: Marine explorers celebrated the success of rescuing Nemo and its friends by having fun playing with bubbles!

Station E:  Marine explorers celebrate the start of our SSDB project with Nemo and friends through a game of Limbo Rock. Children will have to take turns to move under the bar and the bar gets lower hence increasing its difficulty level.

As it started to drizzle, we make our way back to our centre whereby we ended our launch party with a ZUMBA session with parents, staffs and children ! We danced and sang to popular marine related songs such as “Baby Shark” (dance version), Moana’s How Far Will I Go. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our beloved parents, children and staffs for their presence and involvement that contributes to the success of our SSDB Launch Party. 

We look forward to the next segment of our SSDB learning journey as we learnt more about marine conservation and how we as Little Marine Explorers do our parts in small ways to help the marine life!

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! “

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