Huang Liting

Little Mind Builder (Moriah Schoolhouse)

Huang Liting
23 Aug 2018

Being the Change - One Tray at a Time

Many Singaporeans enjoy hawker fare but few clean up after themselves. Encouraging people to return their trays after meals has always been a persistent issue and as such, our children took up the challenge to be agents as change, contributing to a more gracious society.

Teachers started by holding discussions with the children about tray returning issues and how children can do their part to inculcate this gracious habit. Through newspaper articles and sharing of experiences, children learn how they can, despite their age, introduce small changes and leave a great impact through influencing others positively.

Our K2 children designed posters to spread this message and the K1 and K2 children even penned down their thoughts about why it is important to return trays and clean up after themselves. Parents were also roped in to help reinforce this message and to take pictures of their children returning their trays at hawker centres / food courts / fast food restaurants.

We then chose one of the posters to make into three large decals for display at Food Scholar, a food court which we collaborated with. Children’s written thoughts were also displayed at the food court.

Putting our words and work into actions, children distributed leaflets to the people at the food court to help encourage them to return their trays.

To continue instilling this message even after the project, we printed car decals to give out to each child where it serves as a constantvisual reminder at home and outside. Together, we can Start Small Dream Big!

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