Low Lian Choo Angeline

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 545 (kn)

Low Lian Choo Angeline
31 Aug 2017

4Cs of Love - Carnival cum Visit to the homes of Elderly and Pioneer Generation in Cashew

This is the first year our centre embark on the SSDB project and the focus this year is on the 4Cs of Love being Care, Compassion, Community and Contribute. We want to inculcate in our children that love and kindness can be shown not only at home, in school but also in the community and society.

To start off our project, we encourage children to donate food necessities to the needy families in Cashew at the Food for Community event.

We had a Fun With Craft day whereby children from all the different levels made recycled crafts together with their parents. Children had fun bonding with their parents making crafts for a good cause.

On Go Green Day on 19 May 2017, K2 children were all ready to man the recycled crafts and donation booths together with their parents and teachers. For every food item that parents have donated, they will each get to bring home a recycled craft made by the children.

After the donation drive, K1 and K2 children helped to pack the donated food items. The day has finally come for them to distribute the food items to the Elderly and Pioneer Generation in Cashew. Some of the K2 children even helped to carry the food items up the bus.

It was an enriching experience for the children as they got to see the home environment of some of the elderly. Some children were even trying to talk to the elderly.

It was heart-warming to hear children share about their visits and also show their care and compassion to the people that we have visited. Children have learnt to contribute to the community and society through this experience.

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