Lai Hui Min

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bedok Blk 13 (CC)

Lai Hui Min
17 Jun

“Little Hands Saving Earth” Sharing by Town Council

After trying out for ourselves cleaning the neighbourhood, we want to learn more about the cleaners that helped maintain our estate’s cleanliness. Hence, we invited East Coast - Fengshan Town Council to share with us.

On 29 May 2019, officers from East Coast - Fengshan Town Council came down to share with us the job scope of our neighbourhood cleaners.

We learnt about the different areas they clean.

Uncle Ali showed us some of the tools they use to help them clean better!

Do you know that different equipment are used to clean different areas?

We also learnt that there are many cleaners in the neighbourhood and 2 cleaners are in charge of each block.

“That’s my house (block).”

“I know! This is to clean the ceiling! There’s spiderwebs!”

Before closing the session, there was some time for questions and answers.

“Do the cleaners clean my house?”

It gave us great laughters.

“No, we clean outside your house. But who cleans your house?”

“My mum.”

We presented our token of appreciation for East Coast - Fengshan Town Council to generously find time to visit our centre.

Now we are more aware of what cleaners do, we learn to appreciate them more.


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