Lai Hui Min

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Lai Hui Min
11 Jul

“Little Hands Saving Earth” Cleaners’ Appreciation Day

An eventful day indeed.

Our centre is very honoured to be part of the Cleaners’ Appreciation Day event by East Coast - Fengshan Town Council held on 29 June 2019.

In our previous post, we mentioned about our preparation for the day. Read more about it here

We arrived at the venue. We could already see tables and tables of people. With frantic hearts, we waited for our turn to be on the stage.

It was the first time for us to be performing in front of a large crowd. We tried our best to recall the actions. We tried our hardest to sing loudly because it was a large open area. We sang “The Little Seed” as well as “Thank you Cleaners”.

After the performance, we were relieved. We sat and cheered for the cleaners who were called to receive the respective awards on stage.

MP Jessica Tan also awarded us with a Certificate of Appreciation for our efforts. We went up stage to take a photo together with MP Jessica Tan and MP Cheryl Chan.

The highlight of the day - it was time for us to give out our little tokens to the cleaners! We walked from tables to tables and presented the biscuits and cards to the cleaners. We could see the smile on their faces as they received and heard our “thank you” and “I love you”. We gave hi-5 and handshakes. The uncles and aunties are really friendly and nice!

It was a meaningful experience and a way of giving back to the community. No other days do we see so many cleaners gathered together in a space and no other times can we get to collectively say thank you to our unsung heroes.

We headed back to centre with tired bodies but heart full.

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