Bright Sparks Childcare LLP

23 May 2018

 Bright Sparks Childcare celebrating "Cherishing Domestic Workers"

Bright Sparks celebrated Cherishing Domestic Workers by appreciating their contribution.

Through this celebration, we instill values such as care, respect and responsibilty to our children as our Centre’s Core value also believes in developing such values in our children’s growth and development.

Centre talked about Start Small and Dream Big and shared how this celebration benefit children’s values.

Teachers planned the games with the children such as musical chair. Children suggested menu like hot dog, egg and mee hoon. Children assisted in decorating the classroom and did tulip flowers for their helpers.We invited all our domestic workers including our cook cum cleaner. They had their breakfast, played game, lucky draw activity and received bouquet of paper tulips.

Children performed songs for the domestic workers.

We concluded by sharing with everyone that its a platform for children to appreciate their helpers.

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