ChampKids' Academy

1 Sep 2017

"Sweet Treats of Hope" by ChampKids' Academy at Woodlands Drive 50

Fund Raised by Children, for Children, “Sweet Treats of Hope” is a project which aimed to raise fund for the benefit of Singapore Children’s Society. Generally, K1 and K2 children were enthusiastically engaged in carrying out this project- selling home-made cookies in a hand-painted recycled jar, and other sweet treats. On its 2nd year of participation in SSDB, ChampKids’ Academy dreamt big this time. We have reached out not only to our own parents but to the public as well. And by dreaming big, we exceedingly reached our target and still counting.

It took 2 months to complete the whole project. We collaborated with Housing Development Board (HDB) for the usage of the 888 Plaza Open Plaza as our venue, free of charge. We would like to thank our parents for donating hundreds of recycle jars. It was a hard-work cleaning and removing the existing labels of the jars. But for the good cause, it was indeed a labor of love. The children were motivated to paint and decorated the jars. They took turns to paint more than 200 jars with the special participation of the PG, N1 and N2 who did finger paintings like “ Mini Minions” and etc. Being generous and compassionate was part of their character education. Through this, they were inspired to help the less-fortunate children.

Teachers came together on Saturdays for the preparation of the project. On weekdays, during naptime, teachers distributed flyers to the nearby HDB Flats to promote the Fund- Raising. K1 and K2 were also involved in the flyers distributions. The jars were also available for online shopping through our school website.

Writing sweet messages to the Singapore Children’s Society

It was an overwhelming result. Teachers, parents and their colleagues, relatives and friends patronized the products. We also received cash donations from our parents. We were delighted about the response from the public. The whole process brought everyone together for a good cause. And it wasa joy to see our children who worked hard to help and to give back to the society in their own little ways. Start Small Dream Big was a great experience for everyone.

See you again next year!

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