Carpe Diem xxxx

3 Aug 2019

"Caring Brings Happiness" Great experience that children will treasured

24 May 2019, K1 and K2 went to Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens (LKH) in Serangoon Garden Way.

When the bus arrived at LKH, teachers, parents’ volunteer and children helped each other to unload the donation from the bus. Children were so happy and excited to help.

We started the program by greeting the residents. Then, they performed for them. Children danced “青春修炼手册” and sang “You Are My Sunshine”. We had a great time at KARAOKE session with the residents and staff. After karaoke, we had our tea with the residents, food such as bee hoon, siew mai and packet drinks were donated by our generous and loving parents.

Lastly, children engaged in collage with the residents. They placed rolled crepe paper on the drawing of hands and heart.

This drawing signify that when we help or care for others it will bring happiness to us.

It was a fun and successful event for children, residents and staff of LKH.

PS. Respecting the LKH policies, photographs of the residents are not posted in this story. I intentionally blur some and crop the photos.

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